President / Functional Capacity Evaluator

Louise CraigLouise Craig is the president of Health First Health Care Solutions, an independent medical assessment company.  She is a registered physiotherapist and her clinical practice is dedicated to providing functional capacity evaluations and cost of future care analysis.

Louise commenced her studies in the faculty of science at the University of Manitoba and graduated with a bachelor of medical rehabilitation in physiotherapy.  She completed a masters of business administration degree at Simon Fraser University where she focused her studies on cost-effective management in health care, specifically focusing on rehabilitation and early intervention strategies facilitating durable returns to work.  In 2014 she completed all course requirements offered through the University of Florida to prepare effective and relevant life care plans/cost of future care reports.

Louise has been accepted as an expert witness in the Supreme Court of British Columbia in the fields of functional capacity evaluation, cost of future care analysis and physiotherapy.

Louise is a certified work capacity evaluator (CWCE) and a certified Employment Potential Improvement Corporation (EPIC) Lift Capacity evaluator.  Louise adopts and adheres to the philosophy of a best practices approach to testing.  Accordingly, she utilizes an accepted hierarchy of practice with safety as her primary concern, followed by reliability, validity, practicality and utility.

Louise strives for excellence in both her clinical and business management roles by ensuring solid practices are in place for business administrative processes, for production of high quality, defensible medical legal reports, and by ensuring collaboration with and support of medical and allied health consultants.

Louise lives with her very active family in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.