About the evaluation day:

Functional Capacity Evaluations typically run from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  The assessment must start on time in order to proceed due to the lengthy nature of testing. Please ensure you arrive on time.

Independent Medical Evaluations typically take 2 hours, but occasionally take up to 4 hours if your case is complex.  The appointment must start on time in order to proceed. Please ensure you arrive on time.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring running shoes. Please bring shorts if you have a knee or ankle injury. Please bring reading glasses, braces, orthotics, canes, or other adaptive equipment you may need.

Please do not change your medication regimen prior to your evaluation.  Bring a detailed list of your medications with you. Bring your resume with you if you have one.

Please do not consume caffeine prior to starting the assessment.

You may wish to have a friend or family member drop you off; however, they will not be able to stay with you during the assessment.


Our clinic is centrally located in Vancouver at Suite 135 – 555 West 12th Avenue, in the City Square Mall – see a map. We are located on the northwest corner of the Cambie and West 12th intersection – right across the street from Vancouver City Hall.  Our facility is fully wheelchair accessible, with elevator access to the Upper Shops Level (floor two of the mall, right next door to Canada Diagnostics) from the main entrances.  There is a traffic circle on West 12th avenue that allows easy drop off and pick up by taxi.


There are two entrances to the underground parking lot at City Square Mall – Cambie Street or Ash Street. Entry from Cambie Street may be accessed only when travelling southbound.  Ash Street entrance can be accessed travelling north or south bound.
Parking attendants accept cash, debit or credit card. The cost is $3.50 for the first hour and $1.75 every additional half hour, and the cost per day is $25.00 (all day). Street parking is limited to 2 hours maximum within several blocks of City Square Mall.


Transit access is available via buses #15 Cambie, #17 Oak, #9 Alma-Granville, and #99 B-Line Broadway buses. We are two blocks from the Canada Line Broadway City Hall Station.


Our clinic is located within a beautiful heritage building with large open spaces and ample seating for breaks and lunch.  You are welcome to enjoy a packed lunch in any of the seating areas in the mall. There is a food court area and Starbucks coffee one level below us on the Lower Shops floor.