Cost of Future Care Reports

Cost of Future Care Reports

HealthFirst Health Care Solutions Inc. provides Cost of Future Care Analysis and Reports, also known as Life Care Plans (US).


This assessment is useful for communicating the needs of individuals with a wide range of functional levels.  It can be a provided for individuals with complex cases who have sustained catastrophic injuries but also for individuals with simpler cases who have chronic health care needs. Recommendations in a life care plan are supported by medical and rehabilitation foundations and identify current and long-term needs with associated costs throughout an individual’s life expectancy. The life care plan is proactive towards maintaining the health and residual function of the individual.


A Cost of Future Care Analysis is a dynamic document that is prepared based upon published standards of practice, comprehensive assessment, data analysis, research, and provides an organized, concise plan that defines current and future care needs and the associated costs.


The process for developing the necessary case management, medical, psychological, and rehabilitation foundation for the plan is systematic and methodical.  Life care planning is a multifaceted area of specialization which relies upon multiple health practitioners through a collaborative, consistent approach to case analysis.The basic methodology provides an evaluation that takes into consideration the disability; the needs, goals, and preferences of the individual; the needs of the family; and the realities of the geographic region.


A typical Cost of Future Care Analysis draws upon information derived from a number of sources to provide a complete assessment of an individual’s current and long terms needs.  The evaluator relies on the medical documentation to outline diagnosis and prognosis. The evaluator may also rely upon information gathered during an interview with the individual or care givers / family members, the results of a functional capacity evaluation, and the findings of a home assessment (activities of daily living assessment).This information is used as the basis for the research and analysis of the costs associated with products and services recommended for the maintenance of the individual’s health and well-being.

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