Doctor's white coatHealth First’s network of Physician Specialists are at the cutting edge of their respective areas of expertise.  The combination of professional background, expertise, and years of clinical experience sets the foundation for medical assessment reports that are unparalleled. Objective and defensible medical opinions are presented in clear, concise reports, which are prepared within timelines specific to each case and in adherence with the rules of court.

An IME comprises a comprehensive medical assessment from which a detailed report is produced. The examination includes a review of the medical documents provided, an interview to determine details regarding the examinee’s health status, occupation, education and social history, in addition to a physical examination. Further information is gathered with the administration of questionnaires to determine the examinee’s rating/experience of pain and perception of disability.

The Independent Medical Examination report includes detailed discussion of diagnosis, causation, prognosis for recovery, prognosis for ability/capacity for return to work, recommendations for future treatment or for further intervention.

We ensure strict quality control of IME reports with support and consultation of professionals in medical-legal report writing.

Independent Psychiatric Evaluations

An Independent Psychiatric Evaluation is a detailed medical examination carried out by a Board Certified Psychiatrist. The examination includes a review of the medical documents provided, a thorough interview with the examinee, a mental status evaluation, and psychometric testing. A detailed report is provided outlining a diagnosis, recommendations for returning to work, and possible treatment options where appropriate. Reports are produced with strict quality control in consultation with professionals in medical-legal report writing.

Other Medical Services

In addition to Independent Medical or Psychiatric Evaluations we also offer:

  • Occupational Medicine Specialists
    Orthopaedic Specialists
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialists (Physiatrists)
    Adolescent & Young Adult Independent Psychiatric Evaluations
    Complex Chronic Pain Assessments